lørdag 24. juli 2010

Sweet (swedish) summer

We're now installed in our Swedish hotel home for the next week or so and I can finally unwind and catch up online. But no scrapping... yet.. There's absolutely not a single avaliable spot in our room! That's how it gets when four people are eating, sleeping, playing and living in about 12 square metres! :) But right now I don't really care. We've been spending all day today outside in the fantastic summer weather and I've got a dark pink neck to prove it! *lol*

But back to my catchin' up online. Bev at "All the things I love" have this fabulous candy running. Wild Orchid Crafts are launching their very own range of self adhesive pearls and new lace.

Oh, how I wish I could get my hands on theese sweet things!! I guess I'll have to take a number like everyone else.. or just hop over to WOC and buy them myself! ;-)

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