tirsdag 17. august 2010

Tilbake til hverdagen

Back to work again means not nearly enough time for cardmaking. And when the weather outside looks and feels more like October than August it's really depressing! But it's nothing that some yummy candy can't fix!

Bev at All the things I love, compensates for lack of time with a fab ProMarker-candy. I don't know if I believe in coincedences, but just this morning I was looking at ProMarkers and wondering if I should invest in some markers to start me off with stamping images. Maybe I'll get lucky?? I'll know on thursday! :)

Pipserier er en blogg jeg har hatt i favorittlista mi lenge før jeg begynte å blogge selv. Pips har en stil jeg liker godt og jeg har hentet mye inspirasjon fra bloggen hennes. Nå trekker hun ut denne candyen og jeg er selvfølgelig med!
*Pipserier is a blog I've had in my favourites long before I started blogging myself. Pips has a style I like a lot and I've collected a lot of inspiration from her blog. Now she's drawing this candy and I'm in, of course!*

And whatd'yaknow, I think the candy sniffin' helped already.. I've got an idea! ☺

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