torsdag 4. august 2011

A little update and new discoveries

Summer holiday's almost over for me, and we're frantically painting house outside and inside, shoveling gravel for the basement floor and in general working as much as we possibly can with two little ones running around our feet and demanding attention. Needless to say there's not much time (or energy) left for cardmaking, blogging or any other FUN activities. But I'm stealing a moment while hubbie's getting ready for more painting just to inform you about my new discoveries. It's the CASE study Challenge Blog. OMG so much inspiration! Not only the challenge blog itself, but all the DT's blogs too! And right now they're hosting their 1st Anniversary Blog Hop.

CASE Study Anniversary Blog Hop

Be sure to make the rounds to the DT girls and I promise you an extraordinary experience! These ladies are crème de la crème and inspiration all the way! Enjoy the "ride", I know I will! And I hope to be back with some inspired creations soon!

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